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Students are great readers at skill, but what happens when they go home?  Teaching them to read at home is such an important skill!  This is a great lesson to guide students on how to read outside of school.

In school, we all have a fairly structured reading time.  A time when students know when they should be reading, what they should be reading and where they should be reading.

But, what happens when they get home?  That structure isn't always there.  Students may struggle with how to read a book at home.  It's important to guide students and explicitly teach how they should be reading once they leave the school building.
Take Home Book Bags were a key factor in getting my students engaged in their reading every night at home.  With some trial and error, I was able to get the system working (almost) seamlessly in my classroom.  I compiled all the important elements in this post to help you create a routine with your students and implement book bags successfully!
Getting students reading at home can be a challenge.  Here are some tips for getting families engaged in the reading process every night!

When I was teaching second grade, I was struggling to get my students to read every night at home.  I knew how important it was, yet my students were returning empty book logs.  I knew that I needed to make a change.
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