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Reading at home can be tricky for parents.  Take the guesswork out of read alouds with this simple strategy!  Helping parents read aloud at home will turn your students into better readers.

At parent-teacher conferences, I was asked the same question - how can I help my child read at home?  My answer was simple - just read!  But I started to realize that it wasn't so easy for families.  As the teacher, I needed to provide a reading resource for parents.

If you are anything like me, you love stocking your classroom bookshelves full of books for your students to explore. But, what about cleaning out your library?  Hold up.  We should be taking books OUT of our library?
To create life-long readers, students need to be able to self-select their own books.  This lesson will help you model how to choose a book to read.

To become life-long readers, students need to learn how to select books on their own.  We need to provide them the opportunity to choose their own books.  It is also important to model a variety of ways to go about choosing a book to read.

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