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Food allergies can be very dangerous for a child. Teachers can use these Allergy Alert cards to help ensure that students are safe!

All my life, I have grown up with family members with severe food allergies.  Thankfully, I am not one of them, but I know what a struggle it can be for someone to constantly worry about what they are eating.  It can be a huge challenge (and fear) for them.

The first week of school sure is a busy one!  I work hard to balance the mandatory paperwork with games, hands-on activities and team-building fun.  Even with bigger kids, it's important to keep them moving throughout the day and providing a variety of activities.

Have you ever had your students set up your classroom library?  I know, it was a scary thought for me too.  Then I realized that it would be a great learning experience!  My students do a genre sort activity during the first week of school.
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