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Book tastings are a wonderful way to get elementary or middle school students engaged in reading and familiarizing them with books.  A book pass is a simplified version!  So easy to implement with these tips and tricks, as well as a free template for students to record titles on their to be read list!
Throughout the year, our students will often get stuck in a book rut.  Either they are reading the same books and authors over and over or they don't know what to read next.  As teachers, we want to introduce them to new genres, authors and book series. Purposely setting aside time for students to preview books will give them the opportunity to find new reading material that they might not have pulled out of the library on their own.
Ten different engaging, fun activities and projects for students to engage them in Pam Munoz Ryan's novel, Esperanza Rising.

Create an uncommon learning experience and memorable moments with your students as you delve into the novel, Esperanza Rising.  Pam Munoz Ryan's award winning book is a powerful piece of historical fiction and a great read for your upper elementary class.  These hands-on activities are sure to engage your students in the learning process.
10 reasons to read books aloud in the classroom.  Read alouds are a powerful tool for students of any age!

Reading books aloud to students is often thought of as an activity that is only seen in primary classrooms.  Read alouds, however, are powerful at any age.  The benefits of sharing stories with children helps to create life-long readers.  And, as teachers, we want students who can read as well as students who do read.
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