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Gallery Walk

One of the coolest activities that I have ever done was Shelley Gray's Get Up and Move! {A Back to School Gallery Walk}.    We did this the first week of school and it was perfect for my 5th graders.  

The concept of the Gallery Walk is for the students to answer questions that are hung up around the classroom.  This allows them to move around as they show what they know.  The back to school one was pretty basic, in that it asks a lot about themselves.  Everything from their favorite sports to what type of learner they are.

Before we began, we discussed how this is a quiet activity.  They are answering questions about themselves, so there is no need to discuss at this point.  It also allows others to concentrate as they think about their own answers.

All the cards are numbered and I hung them around the room.

Each student had their own packet to record the answers to the questions on.  The packet is numbered so it was easy for the students to follow along.  I had each student start at a different card, but some of the answers took longer to write than others.   I think I need to invest in some clipboards!

I was so impressed with how well the students did with this activity.  They really put effort into all their answers and worked quietly the whole time.  It was really neat to read their answers as well.  It helped me get to know them right away!

I had never done a Gallery Walk before, but I am definitely going to visit Shelley's store to grab some more for the school year!

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  1. Just noticed this post, Sara! Thank you so much! I'm glad your students enjoyed it!


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