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I want to thank ALL of you for stopping by my new blog.  I was super nervous about starting over, but knowing that I have some awesome followers has made it a lot easier!  As a thank you, I have uploaded  a freebie for you to snag!

This is the first year that I have let students take my books out of the classroom, so I created a sign-out sheet to keep track of all the books that are coming and going.  It comes with a cover that can be easily slid into a binder and the sign out chart.  It could also be bound into a book!  Click here or on the pictures to grab the freebie.

Now for our winners!

The winner of the TpT Gift Card is.... Sandy from Soaring Through Second!
The winner of the Target Gift Card is...Kelly Beam Brown!
The winner of the Panera Gift Card is...Bev!

Check your email ladies!

You still have a chance to win the $50 Really Good Stuff gift card!  Visit this post to enter!!


  1. Thank you so much Sara!!! I was so excited to wake up to this! :) You made my day!!! Thank you! :)

  2. Thank you Sara~I love Target and can't wait to go do some shopping!


  3. LOVE my Panera Gift Card!! Thank you!! Can't wait to have lunch with an iced tea!! :)


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