The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors...that must mean Halloween is near!  Well, here in New England, that's how we know the end of October is coming.  To celebrate, I am sharing some of the activities I do with my students each year for Halloween.  I posted about this here, but I thought I would share some more pictures with you!

There are pre-made boards included...

But I prefer to have my students make their own.  That way everyone has their own unique board.  If we play several rounds, the students get to switch with a friend.  You can grab Halloween Bingo for free in my store!

Word Scramble!

I print each set of letters on different colored card stock to eliminate any mix-up.  Then I cut up the words and put them in an envelope.  The students dump out the envelope when they get to this station and they have to work together to figure out what the secret word or phrase is!

Pumpkin Glyph!

Monster in a Jar!

Students create their own monster all squished up in a jar.  Then they fill out a profile sheet all about their monster.  This could then be turned into a writing assignment as well.

This is only half of my Spooky Halloween Fun set!  There is a lot more included.  It's perfect way to put an educational spin on a Halloween party!

I know that there are many classrooms and schools that cannot celebrate Halloween in their classrooms.  I promise not to leave you out, so I am in the process of making a Fall pack for you!

Back in April, I shared this picture:

My awful mess of a desk.  It was way too small and just was not working for me.  Since I spend so much time working at my computer, I decided it was time to invest in a new work area!  After some hassling with my husband, I now have a new home office.

I am in love!

My husband told me that I had to give him credit in my blog post, so here we go.  He put together and stained my desk for me (save us some $$).  He also painted and hung my shelves {and re-hung them after I decided they were too close together - oops!}.  He was awesome and did so much to help me!

Everything has a place and is in its place.  Makes me a happy girl.

The filing cabinet still needs some work, but it is doing the trick right now.  My husband also hung my bulletin board for me.  On my bulletin board, I put my favorite quote from Steve Jobs as well as a calendar from Busy Teacher's Cafe.

 I made a visit to the best store ever to decorate my shelves.  The Container Store!  Have you been there??  Oh my goodness.  It's heaven on earth for me.  So much organizing in one place!  I purchased some clear containers to hold all my office supplies.  This first photo shows the coolest thing ever.  It looks like a candy container {with the scoop and everything} but I'm using it for paper clips and binder clips.  So fun!

So I am super excited about my new office area.  Let's just see if it makes me more productive!

Here's a flashback to Back to School time!  I never got to post all the activities we did at the beginning of the year.  Colorful quotes is one of my favorites!
My creative slump has ended!  {I'll explain where it went later}  And I am ready for Halloween!  Every year we have a Halloween party in our class.  It is not your normal wear-your-costume-and-eat-lots-of-candy party though.  It is more of a fun and games day.  I have parents come in to  run different {educational} stations around my room and we play some whole-class games as well.  We have so much fun!  I have also searched high and low and cannot find any photos of my classes during this day.  I KNOW I have them somewhere!

Anyhow, I put together some of my favorite activities to share with you!

I call it, Spooky Halloween Fun.  Here is what's included:

Station Activities
   ~ Monster in a Jar
   ~ Pumpkin Glyph
   ~ Scary Story Starters
   ~ Spooky Word Scramble

Group Games 
   ~ Halloween Bingo (can also be done as a station)
   ~ I Have, Who Has?
   ~ Guess My Costume (can also be done as a station)
   ~ What's My Costume?

For a small taste, you can grab the Halloween Bingo for free!

Want a chance to win my Spooky Halloween Fun pack??  Leave me a comment telling me the best Halloween costume you ever wore.  I'll randomly pick a winner by 8:00 pm EST Tuesday night!

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