Five for Friday {10-18}

It's Five for Friday!  On a Saturday.  Again.  In my defense, I was all ready to blog last night.  However, my internet connection had other ideas.  I attempted to fix it but decided to wait for my husband to return home from traveling so that I didn't break anything.

Cute little Halloween numbers are a freebie from Graphics from the Pond.

We are going to be starting Esperanza Rising this week and I am so excited!  Believe it or not, I had never read this book before.  I just finished it and it is such a good read.  My giant binder of resources is from Engage NY website.  There are some pretty difficult, high-thinking tasks in there but I know my students are up to.  I am really looking forward to hearing their conversations about the book.

Since this novel is so involved and each lesson is comprised of multiple parts, I decided to make myself a new planbook page.  Normally, I have two pages per week.  However, the amount of planning I need to do for this novel is pretty intense, so I have switched to one page per day.  I got the basic layout idea from Ladybug's Teacher Files.  Love that girl!  Oh and Kit Kats is the name of one of my ELA groups {Twizzlers is the other group}!

I don't believe I am in second grade anymore Toto!  I went from Henry and Mudge to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Yes, my students were reading this the other day.  Using some close reading strategies, we muddled our way through some background knowledge for Esperanza Rising.

Thursday night was conference night.  I love meeting with parents and learning more about my students!  But, man, is it a tiring day.  We teach all day, then have to meet with as many parents as possible between 5:00 and 8:00.  I get home about 9:30, then have to get up and go to work again the next day.

Evidence!  I have not been a very good blogger this month.  I promise to get better!  This adorable blogging calendar is from Gina S's store.  I love it!  My favorite part is the boxes at the bottom of each day.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I remember reading Esperanza Rising with my 5th graders. It is a good read! They will enjoy it.

  2. I hear ya about conferences. We had a FULL day (8:30-4:30) of conferences, and then another evening (4:00-8:00). Hope you got some rest after those long days!

    Miss Woodward's Class


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