Five for Friday {October 11}

Happy!  It's been one  of those weeks.  Had a couple late nights and allergy season has officially hit.  So we will pretend that today is Friday!  Which means I can link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share some photos from my week.

 Numbers are from the wonderfully talented Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs!

We have been quite the scientists this week in our classroom.  We have been learning about mixtures and solutions.  Here we are filtering our salt water mixture.  We then let the water evaporate to learn what happens when the salt dissolves.

We finished testing this week!  I had to have my desks in rows, which I do not like.  I would rather have my students collaborating in groups.  And it makes my room a maze!  I also have to take down everything from my bulletin boards so they look awfully bare.  Time to redecorate!

Our school started a new tradition on Friday mornings.  At the end of morning announcements, one of our teachers pretends to be a DJ and chooses a song to play for one minute.  The kids in all the classrooms then get up and dance!  It's so much fun.  Students (and teachers) are allowed to make song requests.  In this picture, we are doing The Twist.  The fifth graders are so cute because they pretend to hate it, but they really love it!

"Mrs. S, there are legs in the hallway!"  I didn't know what that meant, until I came up to find this.  It also explains why my computer turned off and my digital clock started blinking.

My friend is hosting a baby shower for her sister, but was having a hard time finding nice, but cheap invitations.  I LOVE how they turned out.  I made her a few samples and I LOVE how they turned out!  

Also, I completely forgot to choose a winner for my Spooky Halloween Fun pack the other night!  Allergy brain makes me a little spacey.  It was so fun hearing about your different costumes!  Our winner is...Julie from Second Grade Style!


  1. Those baby shower invitations are adorable! Glad that I found your blog! Just followed you!

    First Grade Teacher Firsts

  2. Hi Sara,

    Whenever I read about the testing rules that US teachers have to follow it always makes me think how frustrating it must be to take down/cover up bulletin boards and posters! Your shower invitations are just gorgeous - what a shame you can't use all of them. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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