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Halloween Time!

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors...that must mean Halloween is near!  Well, here in New England, that's how we know the end of October is coming.  To celebrate, I am sharing some of the activities I do with my students each year for Halloween. 

Halloween Bingo!

There are pre-made boards included...

But I prefer to have my students make their own.  That way everyone has their own unique board.  If we play several rounds, the students get to switch with a friend.

Word Scramble!

I print each set of letters on different colored card stock to eliminate any mix-up.  Then I cut up the words and put them in an envelope.  The students dump out the envelope when they get to this station and they have to work together to figure out what the secret word or phrase is!

Pumpkin Glyph!

Monster in a Jar!

Students create their own monster all squished up in a jar.  Then they fill out a profile sheet all about their monster.  This could then be turned into a writing assignment as well.

This is only half of my Spooky Halloween Fun set!  There is a lot more included.  It's perfect way to put an educational spin on a Halloween party!

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