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Home Office Re-do!

Back in April, I shared this picture:

My awful mess of a desk.  It was way too small and just was not working for me.  Since I spend so much time working at my computer, I decided it was time to invest in a new work area!  After some hassling with my husband, I now have a new home office.

I am in love!

My husband told me that I had to give him credit in my blog post, so here we go.  He put together and stained my desk for me (save us some $$).  He also painted and hung my shelves {and re-hung them after I decided they were too close together - oops!}.  He was awesome and did so much to help me!

Everything has a place and is in its place.  Makes me a happy girl.

The filing cabinet still needs some work, but it is doing the trick right now.  My husband also hung my bulletin board for me.  On my bulletin board, I put my favorite quote from Steve Jobs as well as a calendar from Busy Teacher's Cafe.

 I made a visit to the best store ever to decorate my shelves.  The Container Store!  Have you been there??  Oh my goodness.  It's heaven on earth for me.  So much organizing in one place!  I purchased some clear containers to hold all my office supplies.  This first photo shows the coolest thing ever.  It looks like a candy container {with the scoop and everything} but I'm using it for paper clips and binder clips.  So fun!

So I am super excited about my new office area.  Let's just see if it makes me more productive!


  1. We don't have a Container Store where I live. I wish we did, because they are the BEST!!

    School Days with Smith

  2. It looks great! Your containers are so fun! I love an organized area :) I've never been to the Container Store but I want to go as soon as I can, because it sounds amazing!

  3. Your office looks great!! Hoping I can find some motivation from this :D We dont' have a container store either. How are the prices there? We have a store which I assume is similar (Simply Organized) but it is waaay to expensive for my teacher budget :P

    Teaching in Paradise

  4. To have a willing handyman hubby must be wonderful. You office turned out terrific. Here's to many productive hours in it, Sara.



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