Spooky Halloween Fun

My creative slump has ended!  {I'll explain where it went later}  And I am ready for Halloween!  Every year we have a Halloween party in our class.  It is not your normal wear-your-costume-and-eat-lots-of-candy party though.  It is more of a fun and games day.  I have parents come in to  run different {educational} stations around my room and we play some whole-class games as well.  We have so much fun!  I have also searched high and low and cannot find any photos of my classes during this day.  I KNOW I have them somewhere!

Anyhow, I put together some of my favorite activities to share with you!

I call it, Spooky Halloween Fun.  Here is what's included:

Station Activities
   ~ Monster in a Jar
   ~ Pumpkin Glyph
   ~ Scary Story Starters
   ~ Spooky Word Scramble

Group Games 
   ~ Halloween Bingo (can also be done as a station)
   ~ I Have, Who Has?
   ~ Guess My Costume (can also be done as a station)
   ~ What's My Costume?

For a small taste, you can grab the Halloween Bingo for free!

Want a chance to win my Spooky Halloween Fun pack??  Leave me a comment telling me the best Halloween costume you ever wore.  I'll randomly pick a winner by 8:00 pm EST Tuesday night!


  1. I was a shark victim last year and my roommate was the shark! Haha that's the type of costume you make when you live next to the beach (and it's last minute)! jkroske@gmail.com

  2. Seriously, I have not worn a Halloween costume since I was a kid...and yes, they did have Halloween way back then. The costume I most remember, with those stuffy plastic (and kind of creepy) facemasks was...Sleeping Beauty. (Sleeping for a hundred years doesn't sound too bad right now.) kganon@sanjuan.edu

  3. In college I was a bubblegum machine one year. It was pretty hilarious. Last year we did book character day for Halloween and I was Miss Frizzle and my assistant was the Magic School Bus. It was so much fun!

  4. Darn, did I miss it?
    Geisha - boy did my face itch with all of that white paint.

  5. I am not a fan of costumes...luckily of my two new colleagues, one is with me and the other wants to dress up. We told her she had our full support!

    The best costume was when I went as a 60s greaser. No makeup, hair slicked back (it is short), penny loafers, jeans, white tee and a letterman's jacket. I didn't wear my glasses and I didn't speak at the start of the day and honestly, the kids had no idea it was me! And they were fourth graders!

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