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Character Traits

We've been diving into character traits over here in fifth grade as we read Esperanza Rising.  I quickly discovered that many of my students were confusing feelings with character traits.  Oftentimes, they were writing that the character was happy or sad.  Yikes!  Time to take a step back.

I found this very simple, basic anchor chart from Simply Second Grade.   It was perfect!

So I made my own version:

The orange post-it notes were the examples that I gave the students.  During our mini-lesson, the students contributed the pink post-it notes to complete our anchor chart.  I love that it says "adjectives that describe a character on the inside."

We then filled out Rachel Lynette's Character Traits worksheet {it's free in her store!}.  We chose to do the main character, Esperanza and describe her with 3 character traits.  This worksheet is great because the students have to prove, with an example and page number, how the character exhibits each trait.

I think we are starting to get it!  We will re-visit this lesson again as we are introduced to more characters in Esperanza Rising.

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