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Playing with Density!

We did the best science experiment this week!  We use the GEMS-NET science kits in our district.  This is not an experiment that I devised on my own.  The kits include lesson plans and all the materials to put the experiments into action.  It's an amazing program!  The amount of materials and length of time required for the lessons can be a little overwhelming, but the students (and I!) love the hands-on activities and really understand the concepts.  Our experiment this week was on density.

We started with a basic whole-class experiment on what density means.  I showed them two water mixtures and dropped a 5g piece in the cup.  One sank and one floated.  Ooohs and aahs all around as they were amazed!  I then explained that one cup contained a large amount of salt mixed in.

Each group of scientists received 4 vials of solution.  Each solution was a different color and contained a different amount of salt.  The students did not know how much salt was in each one.

They used the pipettes to drop the liquid into a straw, one color at a time.  They had to determine which solution was most dense and which one was the least dense by layering them.  They needed to be able to distinctly see each color to successfully answer their question.

We ran into the issue of air bubbles...

Getting close! 

 I didn't get a picture of a group's final results, but they all figured it out!  Here are my pretty awesome science diagrams on the board.  We figured out that the order of the colors was: blue, yellow, green and red on top.  We then determined that since the blue solution was the most dense, it was also the most concentrated.  The red solution was the least dense, so it was also the least concentrated (it had no salt at all in it).

I also have two winners for my giveaways!  The winner of the Target gift card is Jeanette and the winner of the TpT gift card is Emily!  Thank you to all for participating and check your emails ladies!

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