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Throwback Thursday: Reader's Notebooks

Happy Thursday!  I'm throwing it back to last October by request.  At the beginning of the month, I blogged about how I am using Dialogue Journals in fifth grade.  I had a few readers ask about using these types of journals in the younger grades.  I definitely used them in second grade, so here is what they looked like!

Reader's Notebooks:

This year I wanted to do something different to push my higher readers.  I decided to stray away a little from just a Reader's Response Journal.  I turned it into letter-writing instead.  The students write a letter to me, telling me something about one of the books that they have read in their book bag.  I then write back, creating a conversation between the student and I.

The students get so excited to share their ideas and thoughts with me and definitely look forward to the letter that they get back from me.  I enjoy learning about what they are reading and it gives me insight into the comprehension (and writing) areas that they are struggling with.

I used composition notebooks to create my students' journals.  I put their name on the front cover:

I taped a sample letter on the inside front-cover for students to refer to:

On the inside back-cover, I taped writing prompts for students to use if they are stuck:

Mine is pretty simple, but I spruced it up a little for you!

I included some extra pages as well as journal covers and pages if you wanted to make your own notebooks.  

Check it out in either of my stores:

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