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Throwback Thursday: Turkey Time

It's Throwback Thursday time!  I'll be revisiting some of my favorite and most popular posts from my old blog, Smiling In Second Grade.  Today is a Thanksgiving Throwback from last November.

It's Turkey Time!

I wrote a Thanksgiving book!

My resource teacher was struggling with teaching her students the concept of retelling a story simply because she didn't have enough time to read a full book and then discuss the parts of the story.  So I said that I would write one!

I wrote a very basic story that includes characters, a setting, problem, solution and 3 main events.  It's called Tom the Turkey's Great Idea.  I had so much fun writing it!  The kids got a kick out of the fact that their teacher wrote it too.

I ended up writing two Thanksgiving stories!  

You can check them out in my store:

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