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Ho-Ho-Holiday Gifts for Students

I'm super excited about my holiday gifts for my students this year!  No, they aren't anything fancy.  They are, however, cheap, easy and cute!  Oh, and the presents are {kinda} for me as well!  I'm sharing my gift idea as part of 3rd Grade Thoughts' linky party: 

I bought each of my students 3 pencils and a candy cane.  So simple, right??  Practical for the classroom as well, since I hear "I don't have a pencilll..." at least 72 times a day.  

 It cost me less than $10 for a class of 24 students.  I bought a large box of pencils and used elastic bands to keep them together with the candy cane.  Then I covered up the elastic band with ribbon and added my cutesy {ok, maybe corny} tags.  I love them!

While I was in the creative mood, I whipped up some thank you cards as well!  The truth is that I went to purchase some Christmas/thank you cards at Target and, man, they are expensive!  I figured it would be a lot cheaper to just make some cards to print that fit in envelopes that I already had.  Ta-da!

Now, I just need to write the actual notes!  My kids have already given me some wonderful gifts so I need to get going!


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