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The Giving Garland

Looking to spread holiday cheer in your classroom this year?  I've created a set to get your students thinking about others this holiday season.  I call it The Giving Garland.  There are so many ways to use it and it's a great decoration for your classroom!  This is what it looks like set up over my living room fireplace:

At school, I would hang it over a bulletin board or my white board.  Here are some ways that you can use it in your classroom!

Students can write compliments for their peers.

Have your students choose a gift they would buy for a friend, family member or teacher for the holidays.

They could choose a teacher who they appreciate and write them a letter of thanks.  Then deliver to that teacher!

Spread cheer throughout your classroom by having students perform good deeds for each other and record them on an ornament.

Our school also used a version of these to write special holiday notes to the senior citizens at the nursing homes in our town.  The students really enjoyed making them and, although I didn't drop them off, I know they made a huge impact on those who received them.  (We did need to take out the ones that said "I hope you make it to Christmas" - eek!)

There's a bonus to this set as well!  Also included are some writing prompts and pages to get your students thinking about the giving season.

Also included is a gift template.  Students color in the gift then attach the writing box, in which they describe a gift that they would purchase for someone who is special to them.

 All of the pages are in black and white.  This way you don't spend a fortune on ink and students can decorate to their heart's content!  And it is free until tomorrow morning!  Click here or on the picture to grab it from my store.

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  1. Love this activity! Grabbed it, and I'll be using it early this week :o)


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