First Currently of 2014!

Not only is it the beginning of the year, but it's the beginning of the month so you know what that means.  Time to link up with Farley for her Currently party!

Listening...the pup got some new toys for Christmas and he just found the squeaker in one of them.  He can't quite seem to "unfind" it.  I may need to hide it from him for a while...

Loving...we went back to school today but already have a day off tomorrow!  We are expecting about a foot of snow so most schools in the state have cancelled.  It's kind of a love/hate relationship though.  I was really ready to go back and jump into the second half of our school year.  I am looking forward to being forced to stay in my house (for only a day hopefully) to do some extra planning for the next few months.  I'm determined to be productive tomorrow!

Thinking...I'm glad that we found out about school being cancelled today.  The 5 am phone call is not as nice. husband got a fondue set yesterday at his family's annual Christmas Yankee Swap.  He wasn't too thrilled with it, but I am super excited to try it out on this snowy night!  I've never had fondue before.

Needing...I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas but haven't had a chance to take it out and play with it!  Maybe this weekend I'll have some time and I can share my creations.

Tradition...every year we go to my parents house on Christmas Eve and set up their tree.  Nothing like the last minute!  Actually, we do it so late because they have a huge cookie decorating party every year and the tree just won't fit with all those people in the house.  So we all go over and help them set it up.  It's so much fun reminiscing about where all their ornaments came from.

Have you seen this HUGE bundle of best-selling products from top Grades 2-3 sellers??  It is on sale over at Educents!  It's 78% off {I just love a great deal} and is a great way to jumpstart your planning for 2014!


  1. Everyone decorating the tree together sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your day off tomorrow - for me it looks like the are just going to get the tippy top of the storm and not get much snow. I think I'd rather have the snow that the seriously cold temperatures though.

  2. I love when our fur baby found the chew toy and played with it for hours and hours the backyard :) She used to get such a happy smile on her face.
    Get Silhouette Cameo out of the box or I may come and steal it.
    My Second Sense

  3. Love your blog! How nice to know you already have a snow day coming! Make the best of it!

  4. I was talking to someone else who has a snow day tomorrow about how crazy it is to even ask people to come back the day after New Year's. But glad to hear you have an extra day! We don't get snow days here in Arizona. My currently has a definite theme though...that being I don't want to go back to school yet. Sigh.

  5. Hi Sara! You and I have some similar "Currentlies" (is that a word?LOL!). I also put the memory of putting up the Christmas tree and taking it down. It's nice to relive those memories and hear the squeals of delight and laughter. A definite favourite of mine! And I also love having some extra time off!! Your blog is so cute! Love it and glad I found you thru Farley's linky! Happy New Year!

    First Grade and Flip Flops


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