Currently {February}'s February??  How did THAT happen?!  I feel like I was just eating Thanksgiving turkey!  It just means we are moving closer to warmer weather, right?  Since it is February 1st, it's time to link up with Farley for her Currently!

Listening: After a busy week, the silence this early in this morning is beautiful!  I have a feeling that my days of silence are coming to an end however...

Loving: Baby Girl will be making her {hopefully} be making her arrival during the first week of April.  We can't wait!  Her nursery is coming together and I'm looking forward to seeing all my family and friends at my baby shower at the end of the month.

Thinking: I should probably start preparing all my tax info.  This does not sound like fun.

Wanting: I'm having so much fun with my 5th Graders this year and I wish that I could end the year with them!  I only have a couple more weeks before my maternity leave starts.  How much do you think I can squeeze in before then??

Needing: Sleep!  This pregnancy thing is not making sleep easy.  I guess it's just preparing me for motherhood!

2 Truths and a Fib: Did you figure mine out?  

Truth: I don't like to watch TV.  I'll put it on for background noise, but I can't just sit and watch it.  Movies are even worse.  

Truth: I hate vegetables.  All of them.  My mother tries to get me to eat them.  My grandmother tries to get me to eat them.  My husband tries to get me to eat them.  I try to eat them.  I just don't like them.  

Lie: I am definitely a dog person now!  I guess that I never used to be, until I got my little guy.  Now I'm obsessed!  Here's a pic of him during my last snow day:

Go link up with Farley to share your Currently this month!  Happy February!

Before I go, here's a little teaser for you...


  1. Awww, your puppy is sooo cute! I hadn't even thought about doing taxes yet. I don't think I could live without vegetables! :)


  2. First and foremost, I love your blog and I'm your newest follower!

    It sounds like you have a whole lot to look forward to! Congratulations!

    I am with you on the TV thing! I do have shows that I like but it takes a lot for me to sit through anything so the DVR is definitely my friend. I have to really want to watch a movie to sit through it and if it's more than 2 hours, I will wait for the DVD so I can take breaks. It's hard for me to sit for so long!

    I'm a fifth grade teacher too! Don't you just love them at that age? This is my 6th year with that grade and I love it!

    Mrs. O
    Mrs O Knows

  3. I am SOOO excited for you & baby girl! I love reading all the different things about your time being pregnant that I'm honestly living vicariously through you :) I hope you enjoy your days of silence and calm before everything goes crazy! And your pup, ohh soo cute!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  4. Congrats on your baby girl! How fun!

    I've been procrastinating tax stuff as well. Paperwork like that stresses me out! Thankfully I have a dad with an accounting degree so he's my personal tax assistant. :)

    I have TV on in the background all the time. There are certain shows that I do love so I make myself just watch them. And by just watch them I mean play candy crush on my phone at the same time. :)

  5. Snap! We both need sleep. I have a 7 week old baby girl keeping me up at night, so I can genuinely sympathise with your pregnancy insomnia. Good luck for the next few weeks of your pregnancy.

    Julie @ Oz Curriculum HQ

  6. That puppy is so precious! I have always loved dogs, but never had an inside dog until I got my little man. He is my world! Best of wishes on the safe arrival of your little girl!!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  7. That puppy is so cute!! I'm excited for your baby girl to arrive. I think I'll be able to finish out the school year before this baby arrives (fingers crossed). I wish there was more time in the day so I could catch up on sleep, too. I hope the last two months of your pregnancy treat you well :)
    Stories by Storie

  8. ok I just love your blog design... it is sooooooo refreshing... I am in the process of getting my blog redesigned and I told them to come look at yours because it is in my top 5 for design... LOVE IT!!!
    thanks for linking up and the TAX stuff stinks... we were working on it last night and well NO VAYCAY for us this year WHAAAAAA it is all going to Uncle Sam... YUCK!!!

  9. What a sweet pup picture! I love taking pictures of my dog snoozin! Good luck with your taxes...bleh. I always pay someone else to do it despite the lack of work mine take! lol It is pretty easy when you only own shoes and a car! heehee Happy Weekend!

  10. Enjoy the silence. Life is about to get fun. I got my W2s yesterday and after crying for a bit, I passed it on to the hubbs. Let's hope we get some cash back. I need cash in my life :)
    Rub the belly for me :)
    My Second Sense


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