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Maternity Leave Binder

If you read my blog, you know that I like to be organized.  Like, super organized.   So knowing that I would be out for the end of the year for maternity leave was leaving me in a bit of a panic.  I knew that I wanted all my information to be in one place for my sub, but wasn't quite sure how to put it all together.  Then I came across an Instagram post from First Grader...at Last!  She put together a binder for her sub - genius!

Maternity leave teacher plans are important for your classroom!  Whether you are having a baby girl or baby boy, you’ll want to make sure everything is organized for when you are out.  Here are some great tips for preparing for your absence.
We just had our February vacation, so I thought that would be a good time to get started on it since I would be going out at the end of March.  Change of plans!  This baby girl has other ideas for her mama.  Today is my first day of maternity leave and bed-rest has me on the couch for the next 6 weeks.  So, not only did I start on my binder, but I finished it as well!

Here are some photos...

I tabbed each section, to make it easier for my sub.  Some things that I included are - class lists {I have 4 different groups of students}, seating charts, school schedules {duties, lunches, specials, etc}, calendar of school events, 5th grade curriculum resources and a teaching outline for the end of the year, teaching templates and a "random notes" section.

I put in a calendar for each month for the rest of the year.  This includes as many school events that I was aware of at this time.  I put meetings, assemblies, field trips, days off, etc.  Times and dates change often, though, so I made sure to warn my sub to be flexible!

I also included blank templates of teaching tools that I use in the classroom.  This is my planning page and a blank seating chart.  There is an actual seating chart at the beginning of the binder so that she can easily learn students' names {although she knows most of them already}.

 Since I had to complete it so quickly, it doesn't include quite as much information as I had hoped.  It should be enough to get my sub started though!  Now, I just need to focus on resting as much as possible!


  1. I absolutely love this! I'm also OCD about organization so this is right up my alley! I already pinned it for whenever I have my future kids. ;) Hope you get some rest and relaxation before your baby arrives!

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  2. This is so cute and very helpful. As a credentialed substitute, I have done many long term jobs. Some have been just like this where the mom-to-be was out earlier then expected. I have never had a binder to look through. This would have been so helpful to walk into having.

  3. This is awesome! I have a sub binder for daily use, but this is a great idea for long-term, too! I just love it!

  4. Cute binder! With my first I left on Feb. 28th and only came back for the last 7 days of school to pack up and say goodbye. I never thought of leaving a binder since my long-term sub was a retired teacher with about 20+ years more experience than I had. This time I've got my fingers crossed that I finish the year. I hope your bed rest keeps baby growing a little longer :)
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