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Learn About the 50 States!

Looking back on some of my older products makes me cringe sometimes all the time.  Today I updated my Studying the States product.  I received an awesome suggestion from one of my buyers so I ended up doing a complete overhaul.

The product is completely in black and white, making it easier to print.  It also comes in two different size booklets, allowing you to save paper if you want.  I took advantage of the black and white copies and colored them in myself!

Inside the booklets, there is a page for each state.  At the top is the state name as well as an outline of the state shape.  On each page, your students can record important information (abbreviation, capital, nickname, flower and bird) about the state.  On the full page booklet, there is also a space for students to record fun facts.  

Each booklet also includes a map of the United States.  Students can color in the states as they learn about them or they can use it to label the states and capitals.
I have used this project two different ways in my classroom.

One year, we used it as part of our Flat Stanley project.  We read the story and each student created their own Flat Stanley.  They were then mailed to family/friends across the country, with requests of information about their state.  Each time we received a Flat Stanley back, we would record the information in our booklets.

The next year, we participated in a postcard exchange.  Our class sent out 49 postcards - one to each state.  As we received postcards back from each state, we recorded our information in our booklets.  My students loved getting mail!

Studying the States could also be used as an individual or group research project.  Another idea is to have the class work together to create one booklet and keep it in the class library.  So many ideas!

*Note: If you have already purchased this product, all you need to do is go here to re-download it!


  1. This looks so fabulous! Adding to my wish list! Pay day is still 11 days away!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. This is really cool! What a great idea!


  3. Sara, so funny that we both just posted about our postcard projects!! I love your state booklets. I'll have to scoop those up for next year! Do you think they would be good for 2nd graders?

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  5. I just found your blog and have been reading like crazy :) I just graduated and will be a new teacher in August. I will be teaching fifth grade so I have been scouring for ideas. I love this idea. I was wondering about your postcard project. You mentioned about sending postcards around the states. Who did you send them to? I love the idea for Flat Stanley also. Did you do this for 5th grade? Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. Have a blessed day!!


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