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Throwback Thursday: Book Nooks

This week's Throwback Thursday comes with an updated freebie!  I am going to share with you how I ran Reader's Workshop in my second grade classroom.

During independent reading time, the students rotate through book nooks.  Each student has a classroom number.  One of our classroom jobs is to move the numbers on the chart below.  The students can land on book on tape, book on cd, ipod, book online, special chair (beanbag, pillow, etc), or free choice.  Free choice means they can choose a spot in the room to read.  That is there reading spot for the day.  The kids love it!  The chart means no fighting over a spot and everyone gets a chance!

Here is some of our listening center.  There is a cd player, 2 (old) tape players and an iPod for the students to use during Reader's Workshop.  Each book/cd is in its own plastic bag so they are easy for students to grab.  I used Scholastic bonus points to purchase many of these!  The headphone are in their own basket because students can choose to listen to their own book or they can partner up with a friend and share a tape player.

The books on tape are on a bookshelf next to the listening center.  Each basket has a different book in it.  This allows the students to grab one bucket at a time and then return it before listening to a new book.

Now for your freebie!  I updated my Reading Area Chart for you to download from my store!  You can create your own book nooks for your classroom.

Enjoy the end of your week!

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