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It's no secret.  I'm a Pinterest addict.  I can spend hours browsing through pins that I can use in my classroom.  It's also great in a pinch, when I need an idea quickly.  One search and so many results!

Right now, I'm up to 64 boards on my Pinterest page.  That's a lot!  Many are school-related - reading, writing, social studies, etc.  I know that it has made me a better teacher.  It's like being able to peek into classrooms all over the world, without leaving your home.

As I am starting to prepare for next school year, I started to browse my Pinterest boards.  I realized that I have pinned so many great ideas but many of them tend to get lost in the bottom of a board and I never end up using them.  That's when the lightbulb went on!  

I created a new board called 2014-2015 Classroom.  Then I went through my educational boards and pinned only the ideas that I want to use next year to this board.  I made it a secret board since I was just re-pinning ideas.

Once my board seemed complete (for now), I printed it.  This allows me to slide it into my plan-book so that I can refer to it at anytime.  If I need to, I can always hop onto Pinterest to get more information about a specific pin.

I also cut up some of the pages and strategically placed them in my plan-book.  For example, this is an idea for the 10oth day of school.  I know that I won't need that idea until February, so it went in my book for that month.  That way, I will be sure to use the idea at the right time!

To sum up, I love Pinterest!  Click here to read another post on how I use Pinterest to help guide my instruction.
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