Five for Friday {May 16}

Happy Friday!  How many more Fridays do you have until the end of the year??  I know some of you are getting super close!

1.  I am super excited!  I have moved back into my office.  This poor room has been pretty neglected since Christmas.  First, I threw out my shoulder and wasn't able to use the computer.  As soon as that cleared up, I was put on bed rest for the last 2 months of my pregnancy.  I spent a lot of quality time on the couch.  Then Baby C was born!  Now that we are into a routine and I seem to be getting this Mommy thing, I am back in my office.  I love this room!

2. I read the book, Wonder, back in February.  It's an amazing read!  Now I am re-reading it with my teacher hat on.  I am hoping to create a unit to use in my classroom next year!

3.  I won some binders!  I am super obsessed with binders.  I use them all the time in my classroom.  I follow Teacher's Market, which is a blog that posts about all sorts of giveaways that teachers might like.  I entered this giveaway from Samsill and won!

4. My baby girl is one month old already!  I can't believe it.  We are so love and I can't even imagine life without her now.

5. Speaking of having a one month old...when you have one, there's not a lot of extra time on your hands.  And sometimes you forget things.  Like the TpT sale, for example.  I completely forgot to put items in my cart and check-out during the sale!  I am so excited about some of these products, though, that I am still going to purchase them!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, I thought that this new teacher-seller website might interest you. They are based in Canada and offer features that are not found on similar sites. They also have a lot of new features coming. Here is a link: Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers

  2. Wonder is a fabulous read. Amazon just released The Julian Chapter which is a Wonder story from Julian's point of view. I just started reading it to my class yesterday. As they were with Wonder, they are totally engrossed. Can't wait to see how it pans out!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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