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Notice and Note ~ Section 5

Today is Section 5 of the Notice and Note book study at Dilly Dabbles.  I'm actually on time with this post!

Question 9: How do I Judge the Complexity of a Text?
"Who reads the text matters."

As teachers, we spend a lot of time matching students to books that are at their "just-right" reading level.  We use apps and websites to determine the level of a book, but there is so much more than that.  We need to get to know our students in order to determine their interests, their background knowledge as well as their maturity level in order to help them find books that are a good fit for them.  It's not just about a number or a level.

As I read this chapter, Donalyn Miller came to mind.  In her books, The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, she shares how she matches books to her students.  Very inspiring!

Question 10: Are We Creating Lifelong Learners?
"School ought to be a place where you go to develop a passion for learning - for a lifetime of learning."

Yes!!  I agree whole-heartedly with this statement.  However, I'm sad that this isn't the case for a majority of students.  I'm afraid that it's not the case for some teachers either.  One of the best parts about being a teacher is the ability to continue to learn, grow and develop.  Then to pass that passion onto students.  What if that passion is not there?

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