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Happy July!  Beach, picnics, family...this might be the best month out of the whole year! absolutely nothing.  The dog is asleep.  The baby is asleep.  The husband is at work.  It's beautiful! family.  My own little family that we've created has become such a wonderful thing.  Also, my parents, sister and grandmother have been a wonderful help with a {not so} new baby around.  And I can't wait for my brothers to come back home so I can spend more time with them!  I'm just so thankful that my daughter is going to grow up extremely loved by so many people.

Thinking...Vegas Baby!!  Need I say more??  I am so dang excited to go next week! this possible?  Just signed up Baby C for daycare this week.  She won't start until the end of August.  I can't wait to get back into my classroom, but I don't want to leave her.  My heart is being pulled into too many directions.  Teacher mommies help me out! focus.  I have a lot less time to work on blogging and teacher stuff, so I'm feeling a little all over the place.  Too many projects to work on!  I think it's time to break out the old handy-dandy to-do list to keep track of it all.

4th plans...We always hit the beach and do a family cookout.  However, I heard there is a tropical storm headed our way.  Sooo the beach might be out of the question.  We'll see!

What are you up to currently?? Hop on over to Oh Boy 4th Grade to link-up!  And give Farley some love, the poor woman has had a rough few weeks!


  1. Hi Sara! I just found you through the currently linky. I totally agree with the whole needing to focus thing. There are some things that I need to do and want to do this summer and although this is only my first week of vacation, I feel like I am never going to get it all done. Good luck with your 4th of July beach plans. The weather here doesn't look great on Friday either, but I am hoping to get to the beach on Saturday or Sunday! Enjoy!

  2. Being a mom is the most wonderful and hardest job. I cried and cried when I dropped my little man off at daycare for the first time. Be assured, that she will love it and will be loved on while you are busy working. It's hard at first, but it is good for the both of you. Prayers heading your way. Such a hard decision! Enjoy the rest of your summer with your precious little one!

    The 2nd Grade Surprise

  3. Just found your blog today through the Currently linky! I, too, have difficulty focusing this time of year. I have made several lists---not sure where one of them is... Ha! Enjoy your holiday!


  4. OMG! Can we talk about your blog design!!! It is so wonderful! Vegas is going to be a blast, can't wait!!!
    Ramona Recommends

  5. Hey there! I remember the first day that I had to leave my baby girl at daycare to go back to school. I actually started her a few days before so she could go a half day or so and get used to being there. {I am positive that it was harder on ME than it was on HER!!} Now that my daughter is 2 I am sending her to daycare two days a week during the summer so she can have some social time and I can have some "me" time! Spend as much time as you can with your little girl! Time flies and they grow up too fast!!!


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