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Recycling in the Classroom

This week's Monday Made-It is all about recycling containers for your classroom.  I am all about fun baskets and boxes from the teacher stores (and the Target Dollar Spot), but those dollars start to add up!  So I've started taking empty plastic containers from around my house and sprucing them up a bit.

Ok, I have a confession to make.  This was actually last week's Monday Made-It.  I worked hard on it all weekend and then the blog post just never happened.  A sick husband and a sick puppy made for a busy day (everyone's all better now)!

I posted this picture to my Facebook page a few weeks ago, asking how I should use it.  Obviously I couldn't just throw it away!  There had to be some use for it in the classroom.  We got some great discussion going and there were some awesome ideas!  Check it out here.

I decided to go with the plastic bag holder since I have so many bags and they are just thrown willy-nilly into my closet and I can never find one quick when a student needs one (which is often).

Of course I had to make it cute!  The wonderful Ladybug's Teaching Files had a container cover all made so I grabbed hers!  You can get it here for free!

I couldn't stop there, could I?  We had some empty baby formula containers that I knew could be put to good use.  My husband tried to throw them out, but I rescued them from the recycling bin when he wasn't looking.  I'm going to use them for raffle tickets in my classroom.  Stay tuned to learn more about this!

Again, these labels are from Ladybug's Teacher Files and they are free!  You can grab the black editable ones here.

Am I done yet?  Nope!  The boxtops label will go on the next can of formula that I empty and the notes label will go on a basket in my classroom.

If you notice, I have a bit of a theme going on.  My classroom will be black and neon this year!  I can't wait to decorate and share the results with you!

Have you made anything for your classroom?  Link up with 4th Grade Frolics to share!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable! I'm definitely going to save my Clorox wipes container next time it's empty :)

  2. What font did you use on the editable Ladybug Files labels? I love them!

  3. Love your containers! I used an empty Clorox container to hold a class set of rulers!

  4. I love all of your containers! So cute. The black and neon really stand out.

  5. Tins from Tazo Tea make great containers. I have word card games in them that the students can use any time. I just covered them with colorful duct tape and used clear tape to put directions on the top of the lid.

  6. Love the look of these! Love that you recycled. I made a plastic bag holder out of Clorox container last year and covered it with some leftover Chevron contact paper that I had from another project. Thanks for sharing the links to the freebies!


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