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Throwback Thursday: Writing Journal Prompts

I haven't done a Throwback Thursday in a while!  This one is perfect for Back to School though, so read on!

When I taught second grade, I needed something for my students to do when they first walked into the classroom in the morning.  I wanted it to be meaningful, but not a lot of prep.  I also needed the students to be fairly independent with it, so that I could take care of attendance, lunch count etc.

That's when I created my Writing Journal Prompts!  There is a calendar for each month of the year with 25 prompts - one for every day of the month.  It is un-dated so I can use it from year to year.  For some students, I would hand-write the date on the calendar to make it easier for them to follow.  If there was a holiday, vacation or day off, I would either white-out that day before I made copies or have students cross it off to avoid confusion.

Each month I would create a packet for my students.  I made a cover, a calendar page and enough lined paper for the whole month.  The pictures show the journal spiral-bound, but I would just staple the packets together.  This allowed the students to add extra paper at the end of the month if they needed it.  In September, we would start with a large picture and few lines.  As we went through they year, the picture box would get smaller and there would be more lines.  I eventually wanted more focus on the writing than the picture.

I have to say, this was one of my absolute favorite things I did in my classroom.  I learned a lot about my students and they enjoyed sharing with me!  These Writing Journal Prompts are a best-seller in my store!

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