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What Happens in Vegas...

...is beyond words.

Seriously, I've been staring at my pictures for an hour now, trying to put into words the amazingness that happened last week.  I've been looking forward to this conference since it was announced months ago and it surpassed all my expectations.

How do you explain to someone that you are going to "meet" your friends for the first time?  I tried saying they were my online friends, but that made me sound like a geeky 14-year old boy.  There wasn't really a way to explain because no one else really gets it.  

Then I got to Vegas.  Where everyone gets it.  It was so cool to be surrounded (and I mean surrounded) by fellow bloggers and TpT-ers.  We could talk about Paul and powerpoints and clipart all day long!

We (I dragged my husband along) got to Vegas on Wednesday afternoon and, after a  lost luggage debacle, I made it to the blogger meet-up a little late.  The room was packed!  I think even the wonderful women that organized it were overwhelmed by the turn-out!  It was a lot to take in, but I quickly learned that all I needed to do was introduce myself to the person standing next to me.  Then our conversation would take off!

Friday was the big conference day!  Of course, I had to get a picture with the sign.  I love that the hashtag was at the bottom!

We started the day off with a breakfast and some keynote speakers - Paul, Amy, John and Deanna {I don't think last names are necessary here, right?!}.  Amy is absolutely adorable and I wish I got to talk to her more.  Paul is, well, awesome.  Learning about his life story was so interesting.  And his support for teachers is amazing!  I didn't get a picture of Deanna, possibly because her story brought me to tears.  It was wonderful to hear.

I spent all day meeting new friends and chatting with old ones!

Corrina from Surfin Through Second
Jennifer White from First Grade Blue Skies
Kristen from Chalk and Apples
Vera from The Tutu Teacher

 I got to eat lunch with some awesome bloggers inside The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.  Such a cool place!

Um...this happened.

And what's a party without a little swag??  I picked up some awesome stuff from the blogger meet-up, TpT and the wonderful Melonheadz!

On our last night in Vegas, my husband and I ate dinner at the top of the Stratosphere.  What a beautiful view!

On the (long) plane ride home, I started to go over my notes from each session.  I learned so much!  I am still processing it all and can't wait to share with you!

Deirdre, who is a fellow New England blogger, is hosting a Vegas link-up to share all our pictures and stories!  Come join the fun!


  1. I LOVED meeting you!! Looks like you had AMOST as much fun as I did! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Looks like an amazing time. I want to set a goal to go next year!!!!!

  3. Sara, you are so sweet! So glad to have met you in real life!!

    Lucky to Be in First


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