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Blast Off!

Have you started shopping yet at the Back to School sale?  Or if you're like me, have you stopped shopping yet?!

I was asked what my favorites in my own store were and I really had to think about that one!  I went through my whole store and chose 7 to share with you.  There's even a freebie in there if you look close enough!

These products are not necessarily my best sellers.  I chose products that I not only enjoyed making, but enjoy using in my classroom.  Just click on the links below the picture to take a peek at each one!

 Writing Journal Prompts                              Bitten by the Poetry Bug

         The Calendar Notebook            Open House: The Basics          Write Me a Letter {free!}

            Summer Brochure Activity                                               Create a Calendar

My whole store is 20% off and, if you use the promo code BTS14, you will get an extra 10% off!  Don't forget the code though.  I have definitely made that mistake before!  Happy shopping!

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