Currently {August}

I'm not going to lie, I really look forward to the beginning of every month so that I can link up with Farley's Currently!

I always go back and look at my old ones too.  It's crazy how much my blogging life has changed in the past two years! 

First of all, how cute is this design?? husband is playing with the baby in the other room and I love listening to her babble.  She's almost 4 months already!

Loving...I got to the beach 2 days in a row this week!  We've gone down to the beach house many, many times this summer but I always seem to bring the clouds.  Yesterday was beautiful and today wasn't too bad either.

Thinking...about 5th grade.  After spending a {half} year in a new grade, I am understanding the ropes a little bit better.  Super excited for this year!

Wanting...a nap.  The baby seems to have changed her mind about sleeping through the night.  We seem to be waking up more lately, which means a tired mama!  Hopefully we get this figured out before school starts.

Needing...a new back to school outfit!  Last year, I mainly bought maternity clothes.  Now that I've lost all the baby weight {and then some - yay!}, most of my clothes don't fit anymore.  Time to go shopping!

1st Day...we always start the Monday before Labor Day and the kids start the Wednesday before.  I like that consistency.  And the two short weeks, make it a nice way to ease into the school year.

Speaking of Back to School, have you seen the Educents bundles that are on sale??  There's only 1 more day to grab them!  They have everything from Pre-K through 8th grade, including homeschool.  I'm partial to the Grades 2-3 bundle myself.

Click the picture below to check them all out!


  1. I have followed your blog and I love what you wrote. I wanted a nap also, with how many events that happened over the week.

    Jasmine Hall

  2. Another fabulous 5th grade teacher! Nice to meet you! I too can't wait for Farley to post her Currently. I have a great time with them. Enjoy the rest of the summer with the baby.

  3. You lost all your baby weight and more. Get it girl! I'm jealous. I had two girlies in four years and I have not lost the weight. Congrats on your new little one!

  4. I want some back to school clothes and I'd love to hear some baby babble! How sweet!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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