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Classroom Reveal!

And I'm back to school!  Week one was a bit of a doozy.  There is definitely a learning curve to becoming a mom and a teacher at the same time {especially after not working for 7 months}.  Week two was awesome and I am absolutely loving my class!  


And after!

Not a lot of difference, but that's okay.  I went with a simple look this year and plan to fill the walls with student work as the year progresses.

Our classroom door.  Since I have multiple classes throughout the day, I make it easy for them to pick up missed work.  In this file chart, I keep extras of all the work we do during the week.  This is also helpful for students who may have misplaced their work.

Our classroom schedule!  Sometimes I need this area just as much as my students do!  The editable labels are from Ladybugs Teacher Files and I just filled in our subjects.

Here's a small piece of my classroom library.  This area is organized by author and series.

Here is my genre bulletin board with some awesome Subway Art Posters from The Brown Bag Teacher! I love the way this turned out!  It's simple, yet unique and is a great reference for students.

My students will be working a lot on the RI Children's Book Award Nominees.  I created a bulletin board to showcase the books on the list for my students.

This Exit Slip board was inspired by Brooke Walters pin {I wish she had a blog!}.  The numbers are actually folders that the students will put their exit slips in.

After reading The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller, I was inspired to make some many changes in my reading classroom.  One concept that I pulled from her was having students really share their reading with their peers.  Every time a student completes a book, they will write a brief book review to hang on our READ board.  That way, other students can see what their classmates are reading and enjoying.  I can't wait to see this board filled up!

This area needs to be spruced up a bit, but here is where I will hang our anchor charts!  I got this awesome idea from Sam over at Fun with Firsties.  All you need is a curtain rod and two command hooks.  Easy peasy!

These are the student cubbies with another treasure from The Brown Bag Teacher.  I used her FREE Reading Strategies Bookmarks to create labels for the students.  They each have a small cubby to store their supplies, either below or above their backpack hooks.  Since we switch classes, the students don't keep anything in their desks.

Here's my "desk" area.  I got rid of my desk many years ago and now use a table to work on and meet with students.  Such a game changer!

I keep everything organized behind my desk in drawers, filing cabinets and letter trays.  These areas make it easy to keep my table clutter-free.  Copies that I make for the week go into the drawers with the days of the week and my originals get filed right away in the filing cabinet.  The trays are for student work and any projects that we are still working on.  All of my office supplies go in the toolbox.

I am super excited for all that this school year has to bring!  I'll be back soon to share all of the goings-on in our classroom!


  1. Where oh where did you find your green pocket chart? It would go so perfect in my classroom!!!!
    Terri's Teaching Treasures

  2. Your room looks fantastic! I love the hanging folders on the door too.

  3. I just started following you! I have the same "Welcome" sign you do - love my lime green and polka dots! Have a great year!

  4. Oh, I'm following your blog and on Twitter! I teach 5th grade math/science in NC.

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