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Last year, I came up with the idea for my Create a Calendar and it is probably one of my favorite products I've ever made.  It is a calendar that students can put together to give to their parents as a gift for the holidays.  My favorite part?  No glitter! (Confession: I am an elementary school teacher and I hate glitter)  You can read more about the Create a Calendar here.  

It's received some updates this year!

This product, along with the rest of my store, will be 28% off on Monday and Tuesday!  I know that my cart is already stocked for the Cyber sale!  

{Thanks to Dragonflies in First for the cute button!}

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Happy Five for {Black} Friday!  How many of you went out shopping this morning??  I am not one of those people.  I like my sleep!  And after 8 years of working retail at Staples, I got my fill of 4:00 AM shoppers.

1.  Winter is officially here.  Had my first case of bad driving this week.  It really wasn't a lot of snow, but it was the combination of rain, sleet, and snow that made it challenging.  Made it home safe though!

2.  Got a text from one of my friends that just made my week!  She uses my Calendar Notebook and, apparently, is doing some marketing for me!

3. So thankful for my little family!  Baby Girl had a wonderful first Thanksgiving!

4.  It wouldn't be Cyber Monday without a TpT sale!  That's definitely where I'll be spending most of time (and $$) next week.  My store will be 28% off on Monday and Tuesday.  Don't forget to use coupon code TPTCYBER.  I always forget it at least once!

 5. I've jumped on the Jamberry bandwagon!  I'll admit, I was skeptical at first.  But now I LOVE them!  I never used to do my nails because I would always ruin them in seconds.  Seconds, people.  It was awful.  No drying needed with these (especially helpful when you have a hungry baby)!   Interested in trying them out?  Check out my page - Colorful Apple Jams.  Find me on Facebook too!

In honor of the long weekend, let's have a giveaway!  Up for grabs is a $25 Gift Card to Teachers pay Teachers.  I'll pick a winner on Monday night.  Then you will have all day on Tuesday to shop the sale!  Congrats to our winner, Jen A.!  Thank you all for playing!

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Anyone use Scholastic Storyworks in their classroom?  I discovered it at the end of last year and it is amazing!!

The contents of the magazine are not only educational, but highly engaging for students.  My class was particularly excited about this Minecraft Mania! article.

 Each issue comes with debate, which my students are using to write opinion essays.  They read both sides of an argument and then take a stand, with the ability to cite information from the text.  The one we are working on now is Should Trampolines be Banned?  It's so interesting to read their opinions!

There is also a fiction and nonfiction article in each issue, as well as paired texts.

Another favorite of the students is the drama portion.  It is often a reader's theater which we act out in class.  We just learned about theme using a Pandora's Box play.

Each issue is accompanied by a teacher's guide, which outlines the features, Common Core standards used and lesson plans.

Lastly, there is an online component for both teachers and students.   The students can listen to the texts, watch videos and take quizzes.  For teachers, there are additional lesson plans, lower-Lexile articles, printable activity sheets, quizzes and more!  Storyworks is a great resource that I use time and time again in my classroom.

*The contents of this blog post are my own opinion.  I was not compensated by Scholastic for this review.  I simply love the product!*
A few weeks ago, I passed out my students first set of spelling words.  {we use Ladybugs Teacher Files Morphology Dictionary, which is awesome!}  For homework, they were to look up the definitions of their words and write a meaningful sentence.  I really stressed that meaningful sentence part.

On Friday, I collected their homework and checked out their sentences.  They mostly consisted of:

  • I read a biography.
  • I like animals.
  • That is vivid.
Whoops!  The teacher in me realized that we needed to do a major lesson on what a meaningful sentence is.  I shared this with them on the projector:

And they filled out their own tips and tricks sheet to keep in their homework folder:

I shared some examples of meaningful sentences with them and they worked with a partner to create their own.  Then for homework, they received this page where they write their word, the definition and a meaningful sentence.

Let me tell you, it made a HUGE difference!  My students are giving me such awesome sentences that I now use them as their spelling test sentences.  They get a big kick out of hearing me share their work!

You can grab my Writing Meaningful Sentences set for free in my store!

Let's pretend that today is Friday, shall we?  It's been a while since I've joined Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky!

1. I completely rearranged my classroom this week.  My room is an awkward L-shape and it's difficult to set up so that everyone can see the board, yet still have enough room to maneuver between the desks.  I think my new set-up really opens up the classroom!

2.  For Halloween the students worked together to create a Monster for Sale!  They had a great time and I loved hearing them discuss what their monster was going to look like and how it would act.  It's a really fun (and free) project!

3. Halloween!  Baby C was Minnie Mouse for her school Halloween party.  She was a cupcake at night, but she wasn't really a fan of that costume.  I have mostly crying pictures from later on in the day.  We'll invest more in the holiday next year, when she is a little older and can appreciate it.

4. I dressed up too!  Our fifth grade team dressed up as the Ninja Turtles this year for our school assembly.  So much fun!

 5.  Have you heard of Tsu (pronounce sue)??  It's a cool new social media site that pays you to use it!  I'll be honest, I'm not going to make a lot of money.  However, I like that I can see everyone's posts.  Facebook has been a little lot aggravating lately and I can only see a portion of what people post.  On Tsu, I can see everything - yay!  Click the picture below to come join me and see what all the fun is about!

Happy November!
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