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Storyworks in the Classroom

Anyone use Scholastic Storyworks in their classroom?  I discovered it at the end of last year and it is amazing!!

The contents of the magazine are not only educational, but highly engaging for students.  My class was particularly excited about this Minecraft Mania! article.

 Each issue comes with debate, which my students are using to write opinion essays.  They read both sides of an argument and then take a stand, with the ability to cite information from the text.  The one we are working on now is Should Trampolines be Banned?  It's so interesting to read their opinions!

There is also a fiction and nonfiction article in each issue, as well as paired texts.

Another favorite of the students is the drama portion.  It is often a reader's theater which we act out in class.  We just learned about theme using a Pandora's Box play.

Each issue is accompanied by a teacher's guide, which outlines the features, Common Core standards used and lesson plans.

Lastly, there is an online component for both teachers and students.   The students can listen to the texts, watch videos and take quizzes.  For teachers, there are additional lesson plans, lower-Lexile articles, printable activity sheets, quizzes and more!  Storyworks is a great resource that I use time and time again in my classroom.

*The contents of this blog post are my own opinion.  I was not compensated by Scholastic for this review.  I simply love the product!*

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  1. We had a subscription last year, and LOVED StoryWorks, but don't have a current one this year due to the purchase of a Reading series. My principal has given me permission to change it up for a few weeks (woohoo!!) and I want to use my old StoryWorks from 2013-2014. However, I don't have a current online access code to get access to the online teacher resources of past issues. I know it's a longshot, but I just thought I'd check. I'm not trying to get away with something here, as I don't even have the current year's magazines. I just really need the supplemental materials for last year. Thanks in advance if you are able to help me!


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