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Writing Meaningful Sentences

A few weeks ago, I passed out my students first set of spelling words.  {we use Ladybugs Teacher Files Morphology Dictionary, which is awesome!}  For homework, they were to look up the definitions of their words and write a meaningful sentence.  I really stressed that meaningful sentence part.

On Friday, I collected their homework and checked out their sentences.  They mostly consisted of:

  • I read a biography.
  • I like animals.
  • That is vivid.
Whoops!  The teacher in me realized that we needed to do a major lesson on what a meaningful sentence is.  I shared this with them on the projector:

And they filled out their own tips and tricks sheet to keep in their homework folder:

I shared some examples of meaningful sentences with them and they worked with a partner to create their own.  Then for homework, they received this page where they write their word, the definition and a meaningful sentence.

Let me tell you, it made a HUGE difference!  My students are giving me such awesome sentences that I now use them as their spelling test sentences.  They get a big kick out of hearing me share their work!

You can grab my Writing Meaningful Sentences set for free in my store!


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