Poems make a wonderful Mother's Day gift!  This resource includes a variety of poems for moms, grandmas and aunts.  Fun for kids to write and color in!
It's Thursday!  That means I'm throwing it back and sharing a post from my old blog with you.  This one is just in time for Poetry Month (April) and Mother's Day.  It's coming sooner than you think!

The end of April is also coming, which means May and Mother's Day is right around the corner!  I got a jump on things and created some Mother's Day templates for you to use in your classroom.  You can integrate Poetry Month and Mother's Day.

In the pack, I made sure to include not only mothers, but grandmothers and aunts as well.

There are pages for your students to draw pictures of a special woman in their life.

They can create lists of words to describe their mom, aunt or grandma.

Acrostic poems are definitely my favorite!

You can pick up my Mother's Day poems in my store today!

You can also grab my Bitten by the Poetry Bug packet as well!

Enjoy the end of your week!
I was doing so well with linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching on Fridays.  Better late than never, right?  It's been a busy 2 weeks since I last linked up!

1.  I participated in the third Bright Ideas Blog Hop!  Have you checked it out yet?? There are so many amazing classroom and teacher ideas all in one place.

Here are links to the three blog hops:

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There's even a Bright Ideas Pinterest board!  Click here to follow the board so you don't miss out!

2. The best part of my last 2 weeks, however, was the birth of my daughter!  After 24 hours of labor and an unplanned c-section, our sweet Caroline Elizabeth was born.  She arrived on her due date, April 8th.  Just like her mama, she was prompt and on-schedule!  She was 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21 inches long.

3.  The weather has finally gotten nice around here!  We've been taking Caroline and Raleigh for walks around the neighborhood.  I love it!

4. We got Caroline's newborn photos taken.  What an experience!  My sister-in-law is an amazing photographer, but I don't think my daughter will be a model anytime soon!

5. Now that I am no longer on bed rest, I am jumping back on the healthy eating/exercising bandwagon.  Gotta get ready for Vegas!  Well, I won't be able to do actual exercise for at least 6 weeks.  I'm counting the walks though, since it's more than I've been able to do for the past few months!  I've been using the app, My Fitness Pal to help me.  Come find me!  Livs14 is my username.  Let's keep each other motivated!
Welcome to the third installment of the Bright Ideas Blog Hop! (See part I here and part II here)  It's over 150 bloggers working together to share their best teacher tips with you!  No products, no promotions, just brilliant classroom ideas!

One of my favorite parts of my second grade classroom was my Writing Center.  It was neat and so accessible to my students.  We would spend the first few weeks of school discussing routines and how to keep it organized for each other.  This makes a huge difference and the center stays this neat all year long (for the most part)!

Here's a close-up of all the different parts:

The Writer's Eye posters are from the wonderful Miss Nelson.  We go over each poster before it goes up on the wall and they provide a reminder for students.

The students keep their Writing Folders in the Writing Center.  I find the less they keep in the desks, the less stuff we lose!  It's also easier for me if I need to grab a writing sample or want to check their work quickly.  The box is separated by groups, so I send one students from each group to grab all the folders.  No line at the Writing Center!

Students keep their own supplies in their desk, but I have extras in the Writing Center for them to use.  In the small drawers are crayons, markers, scissors, highlighters, colored pencils, etc.  Each drawer is labeled with words and pictures.  Above the drawers are my sharpened/unsharpened pencil bins.

In the larger drawers, there is a variety of writing pages and graphic organizers for students to use.  Again, each drawer is labeled for students.  Lastly, there is a bucket of clipboards for students to use.  I'm not sure why, but my kids love using clipboards!

Do you have a Writing Center in your classroom?  I'd love to see it!  I am always looking for ways to improve mine for my students. If you enjoyed this bright idea, be sure to follow me on Bloglovin, Facebook or Pinterest to learn more!

For more awesome classroom tips from 150 other bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic that interests you.  Thanks for visiting!

Today's Throwback Thursday is all about poetry since April is National Poetry Month.  I loved using this colorful set in my second grade classroom.

Are you buggy for poetry??  April is National Poetry Month!  I love me some poetry so I put together a packet to help you teach poetry in your classroom!

There are posters with examples of 5 different poems (written by me!).  I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!

Also included are posters to hang on your wall with a variety of poetic devices.

There are poster definitions of each type of poem.

 And poem templates for your students to create their own poetry journal!

Click here or on the picture below to check it out in my store for Poetry Month!

Happy Friday!  I'm going to warn you now, this Five for Friday is a little baby-heavy.  I'm not at school, so I don't have any classroom photos to share with you.  She should be here any day now, though, and we are so ready for her arrival!

1.  My mom insisted on taking some maternity pics of me this week.  Hmm...not sure I want pics of me looking huge, but she insisted!  My favorite part of the pictures are my pup photo-bombing almost every single one.  His face in each one is priceless.  Sort of a "what is going on around here" look.  This spoiled guy is in for a shock once his little sister arrives!

2. Our bags are packed and ready for the hospital!

3. I got out my yoga ball to ease some of my back pain and the pup is not happy about it.  He is petrified of it.  I don't really blame him, though, since it's about 3x the size of him.  Here he is, afraid to come in the living room.

4. Now that we are closer to our due date, I'm allowed to venture out of the house for more than just a doctor's appointment.  My first stop?  Target of course!  Check out this post to see what I used my treasures for!

5.  My husband's new favorite show is Shark Tank.  I can't say that I pay a lot of attention when he watches it, but last week's caught my eye.  The episode had young kids sharing their inventions with the Sharks.  There was a 15-year old boy who shared his idea for a water bottle that allows you to infuse your water with fruit, without the fruit floating to the top of the bottle.  Before the show was over, I had ordered one for myself!  I'll let you know how I like it once it arrives.

Have a great weekend!
Ventured out of the house on my own today.  It's been awhile!  Attempting to walk this baby outta me as we close in on her due date.  Of course, I had to go to Target.

And, of course, the Dollar Section sucked me in.  Scored some cute chevron accordion folders, in my favorite colors!  Also found a pink basket to store the folders.

The gray one was perfect for my newest product too!  It's been a while since I've put out a new product, so I'm pretty super excited about this one.  I love how they turned out too.  Introducing my Word Puzzlers!  I created puzzles for students to practice compound words, synonyms, contractions, plurals and homophones.

There are 15 puzzles for each concept (75 total puzzles!).  Each one is 3 pieces with words and brightly colored pictures.

Each concept is color-coded, making it easy to figure out which pieces belong to which set.  As a teacher, all you need to do is print, cut and laminate!

The puzzles fit perfectly in the gray accordion folder.  I used one sleeve for each set of puzzles.

Also included in this packet are recording sheets for each set of puzzles.

Want to check it out?  Click here or on the picture below to pick it up from my store!

It's April!  That means warm weather and baseball season has finally arrived.  I missed out on Farley's Currently last month, but I'm back at it today!

Listening: Since I've been on bed rest, I've become a religious Today Show watcher.  Don't worry, I'm on top of all the important worldly news (and some not-so-important as well)!

Loving: For the first time in months, the weatherman isn't saying "below-normal temperatures."  It is finally average and even above-average weather time!  Although that means allergy season is coming, I'll take it!

Thinking: This 39-week baby bump is gettin big!  I was doing pretty good up until the last week, but now it's starting to get in the way.  So excited and thankful that she is in there though!

Wanting: Baby Girl should be here any day now!  I was convinced she would be early, but she is proving otherwise now.

Needing: I could definitely be putting my bed rest to better use than doing puzzles on my iPad (and watching The Today Show)!  Definitely getting my naps in, though, before that opportunity disappears.

Hours and Last Day: The school day starts at 8:40 and ends at 3:00 for the kids.  I usually get there an hour early, but leave right away at the end of the day.  I am such a morning person and like to prepare myself for the day.  I used to stay late, but quickly realized that it was not a productive time.  I was so tired, that I would just turn in circles and not get anything accomplished!

Our last day of school is June 18th, due to our 4 snow days.  That's not too bad though.  There were some schools in our state that went to June 28th last year - yikes!

Have you heard??  Educents is celebrating their first birthday this week!

They are offering an additional 20% off their already low prices and there are some awesome giveaways that you can enter!  One of the top prizes includes a vacation getaway!  Go check out their deals here.

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