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Five for Friday {1/2}

As much as I love the excitement of Christmas, there's something to be said about normalcy and routine.  I'm getting back into the swing of things with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

1. I am enjoying staying home these past few days with these two.  Pretty sure they are plotting against me in this photo...

2. My brother drew this amazing photo of Olaf for my daughter for her Christmas present.  You can check out the video of his progress on my Instagram page.  It's so cool!

 3. My husband and I went to NYC for a weekend getaway and we stumbled upon this awesome Barnes and Noble.  They don't look like this in RI!  I wish we could've gone in to check it out.

4. Facebook and I are fighting.  I am not winning.  Seriously, almost 4,000 people like my page and less than 100 people saw my post?!  Any tips would be appreciated.

 5. I did a little after-Christmas shopping for myself!  I was able to purchase this Coach bag with my Jamberry commission from just December.  Amazing!


  1. Hi Sara! I'm nominating you for a Liebster award :) Answer the questions on my blog to accept your award. Congrats!

    1. Even if you have 208 followers now.. I'll let it slide :P

  2. That Coach bag - LOVE! I don't understand FB at all, but I also have less than 750 page likes. IG is my favorite. Happy New Year! Jen


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