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As a parent, I'm learning that there are values that I want to be sure to instill in my child(ren).  Will my kids be perfect?  Heck no!

One of those values that I want to share with them is gratitude.  This time of year is when an "attitude of gratitude" can sometimes slip between the cracks.  Life gets busy and hectic, especially with kids.  It can be overwhelming for children.  I think that, by being grateful, we can help them to enjoy the season that much more.

For the record, my daughter is 9-months old and does not understand Christmas at all.  She just wanted to eat the wrapping paper.  I did have her "write" thank you cards though.  And, if she wasn't napping, she would have at least signed her name (with my help).  

I found these cute fill-in-the-blank thank you cards over at Kids Activities Blog.  

They are perfect for the next few years to get her started.  Next year, I'll have her color them in and maybe dictate to me (my daughter will be an overachiever haha).  Eventually she'll do all the writing and then write her own.

What are some values you hope to share with your children or students?

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