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I have a new-found love for Bloglovin'.  Let me explain.
When I first started blogging {almost 4 years ago!}, we used Google Reader to catch up on our favorite blogs.  It looked like this:

It was super easy to go through all the blogs and read them in one spot.  I didn't have to leave the page and I could just click from one blog post to the next, in the order that they were posted.  I loved it!  But then this happened:

Google Reader was shut down!  Let's just say I wasn't happy.

It wasn't broken, why fix it {or get rid of it, in this case}?  It was suggested that I try Bloglovin'. So I did.  And I did NOT like it.  It seemed to be my only choice.  Sure, I continued to blog.  But the amount of blog reading that I did, dropped significantly.  It just wasn't easy anymore.  Until recently.

Bloglovin' has made some awesome changes!  I probably wouldn't have even noticed, if they hadn't changed the icon.

My favorite new feature is the ability to scroll through the posts.  You just sl-i-i-i-de the screen to the left and the next post shows up!  Previously, you had to return to the "My Feed" screen every time.

 You can also save posts!  I like this feature because it helps me to remember which posts I want to go back and comment on or pin.
 Which leads me to the next feature....saving to different collections.  You can create a "folder" to save your posts to.  For example, I have a Leave Some <3 collection which reminds me that I want to go back and leave a comment on that post.
 This may not be news to some of you, but it is game-changing for me!  I am so excited to curl up on the couch tonight with my iPad to catch up on some blog reading.
Do you ever think that your students are having fun without you?  That you're missing out?  I certainly was!  I implemented Status of the Class this year, thanks to Donalyn Miller's book, Reading in the Wild.   My students were sharing what they were reading, but I wasn't participating in it.  I know, what was I thinking??  So I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my favorite 5th grade novels with my classes.

First up, The Cricket in Times Square, by Garth Williams.  I love this book!

I've been home sick with my daughter the past few days, so I turned my recent readings into a novel study to share.

It includes comprehension questions and vocabulary for each chapter of the book.  It works well for 3rd-5th grade students in literature circles or as a whole class novel.

Click here or on any of the pictures to pick it up from my store.

Next up, Harriet the Spy and then The Phantom Tollbooth!  What are some of your favorite novels from elementary school?

I just recently learned that this translates to "a hundred thousand welcomes" in Irish.  As proud as I am of my Irish heritage, I never do much to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Except in the classroom, that's where the real fun is!  Gold coins...rainbows...the color green...it doesn't get much better than that in elementary school!

My St. Patrick's Day sets were one of the first items I posted on TpT.  And looking back on them - yikes!  Luckily for you, they received an update!  First up is my Pot O' Gold math set.

Here's a {small} sample of what is inside:

Place Value I Have, Who Has:

Identifying Numbers:

Addition Go Fish:

Base-10 Blocks Memory Match {my favorite!}:

All the activities can be used as a whole class, in a small group or as a center station.  Teacher and student directions are included for all activities.

To celebrate the holiday, all my St. Patrick's Day items will be on sale this week only!
I'm addicted to Pinterest because, let's face it, who isn't?  It is an amazing tool for educators to find inspirational ideas for the classroom.  I find engaging lesson ideas, eye-catching anchor charts and fun activities constantly.  I thought I would link up my top Pinterest finds for March with Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner.

Click on Image to See Original Pin from Pinterest.

I love this March Madness idea from The Brown Bag Teacher!  Although my students aren't huge basketball fans, they are into sports in general this year.  We have a list of books that all the students have been working on reading this year, so I will use those for our tournament.  I can't wait to share our version with you! 

Click on Image to See Original Pin from Pinterest.

Our school is moving towards Chromebooks for every student.  Once we get there, they will be using Google Drive and Google Classroom exclusively.  I have a few laptops and desktops in my room this year, so I have started experimenting with it.  Teaching Trio has shared some tips and tricks for getting started with it.  The students really enjoy using the computers and it's proving to be a great way to connect with them in the classroom.

Click on Image to See Original Pin from Pinterest.

Testing season is almost upon us.  There are so many fun food incentives for testing, but I'm not allowed to use those in my classroom.  I thought this was a fun alternative from Fourth and Ten.

If you are searching for more great ideas, check out my Pinterest feed.

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