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Ode to Bloglovin'

I have a new-found love for Bloglovin'.  Let me explain.
When I first started blogging {almost 4 years ago!}, we used Google Reader to catch up on our favorite blogs.  It looked like this:

It was super easy to go through all the blogs and read them in one spot.  I didn't have to leave the page and I could just click from one blog post to the next, in the order that they were posted.  I loved it!  But then this happened:

Google Reader was shut down!  Let's just say I wasn't happy.

It wasn't broken, why fix it {or get rid of it, in this case}?  It was suggested that I try Bloglovin'. So I did.  And I did NOT like it.  It seemed to be my only choice.  Sure, I continued to blog.  But the amount of blog reading that I did, dropped significantly.  It just wasn't easy anymore.  Until recently.

Bloglovin' has made some awesome changes!  I probably wouldn't have even noticed, if they hadn't changed the icon.

My favorite new feature is the ability to scroll through the posts.  You just sl-i-i-i-de the screen to the left and the next post shows up!  Previously, you had to return to the "My Feed" screen every time.

 You can also save posts!  I like this feature because it helps me to remember which posts I want to go back and comment on or pin.
 Which leads me to the next feature....saving to different collections.  You can create a "folder" to save your posts to.  For example, I have a Leave Some <3 collection which reminds me that I want to go back and leave a comment on that post.
 This may not be news to some of you, but it is game-changing for me!  I am so excited to curl up on the couch tonight with my iPad to catch up on some blog reading.


  1. I have always loved BlogLovin, and this now gives me even more reason to!

  2. Great post! Got super excited when I saw you were reading my blog post about inference! Feel kinda famous!!!
    Ramona Recommends

  3. I didn't know about the slide feature...thanks!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching


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