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Home Office Tour

 I'm going to join Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners to share my home office space!  It's a little boring right now, since we just moved into our new house.  I have definitely been inspired by all the other home offices out there!

One of the things I love most about my new office space is the amount of light.  The high ceilings and skylights are so awesome.  And I have a triangle window.  You can't go wrong with a triangle shaped window.

My chair and filing cabinet are from Staples.  The desk is from a local store that sells unfinished furniture.  They recently closed, which I am terribly sad about.  It was not only high quality, but inexpensive as well.

My office is on the loft, so I can look down over our living room.  If you look closely, you can see that I have the TV on downstairs (The Office - ha).  

 Of course, there is a photo of my daughter on my desk.  This was taken by my talented photographer of a sister-in-law {show her some love}.  I love how this photo captures her constant curiosity.

Love me some flair pens!  Can we talk about how I didn't even know what flair pens were until I started blogging?  Um and I worked at Staples for 8 years.  I blame all you inspiring people!  This isn't even all of them.  I brought the other half to school.

And my Clipart & Fonts binder is never far away from my desk!  I use this ALL the time.  Want to learn more about it?  Check it out here!

What does your home office look like?

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