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Make-Over Time!

After all that snow, summer has finally arrived!  My students tried to tell me that it was "illegal" to go to school past June 20th.  Can't say that I've ever heard of such a law, but luckily we were out before then anyways.

Since I'm not teaching, but my daughter still has a few days left of daycare, I am taking full advantage of my quiet time.  Books have been read, house has been cleaned, and TpT products have been updated!

The first project to get an overhaul is one of the very first products I ever created, my Non-Fiction Text Features book.  Despite it's less-than-stellar appearances, it is one of my best-sellers, believe it or not.  I used this every year in my 2nd grade classroom.

This product not only exposes students to the different text features in non-fiction books, but also gives them an interactive way to share their understanding.

First, check out the new cover.  A few less dots and a little more Melonheadz and KG fonts.

I revamped the inside as well!

Students can create a 1/2 page booklet, which will save on paper.

 Students could also create a booklet with full-size pages.  This allows more space for students to demonstrate their knowledge of each text feature.  I have students use old Scholastic News magazines to complete their booklets.

 In the third option, students create full-size booklets with 2 text features per page.

The update even includes a bonus item!  These can be used for a word wall reference or a matching game.  Students could use the images to complete their Non-Fiction Text Features book, as well.

If you've already purchased this item, please be sure to re-download the updated version!  If you haven't purchased it, you can grab it on sale for the rest of the week!

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  1. Nice job on the makeover. It's always a great feeling to get a product updated.

    Fit to be Fourth


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