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Teacher Gift Idea for the End of the Year

Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite teacher gifts that I have made!  I created this "bouquet of flowers" for my daughters daycare teachers.

Here are the materials that I started with.  
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You can easily grab the flower pot, floral stakes and fake flowers from Amazon.  The flower cut-outs are from the talented Ashley Hughes!

I started by taping each flower to a floral stake.  I'm sure there is a "prettier" way of doing this, but I may or may not have been creating this on the eve of her last day of school.  I worked with what I had.

I then taped each gift card to the front of the flower.

Then I stuck my flowers into a piece of floral foam in the bottom of the flower pot.

I then added a cute little note!  You can grab the note here for free.

I felt like the flower pot was missing something though.  I scrounged through my basement and found some paper shred (that's the actual name, I swear).  I was hoping for green (ya know, grass?) but only came across red.  It worked!


  1. That is absolutely adorable and SOOO thoughtful!!!! Great gift for anyone!!!! Need to pin it;) Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I love this idea and you make it look so easy! I also love that you shared your daughter's pics even though they didn't turn out quite like you planned. A couple of years ago I had my daughter make a flower pot and we put her handprints on it using the caption, "Thank you for Helping Me Grow". As I went to take her picture with it, she dropped it on the ground and it broke. Memories, I tell you!

  3. That is so sweet and so cute! I bet your daughter's teachers truly appreciated the gift :)

    Made with Love

  4. Your gift came out great! I'm sure her teachers appreciated it!

    A Very Curious Class


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