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"My Personal Side" ~ Favorite Mug

When I started blogging, I was instantly drawn to not only what was going on in other teachers' classrooms, but their lives outside of teaching as well.  Blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with teachers all over the world.

I've discovered that a typical Sunday meal may look very different for someone in Texas than for someone in Wisconsin.  That summer vacation in Australia might mean something different than in Canada.  Or they might be exactly the same!

I've enjoyed getting to know teachers from across the globe.  So this is why I am joining Classroom Confections' link-up on "My Favorite Mug."  It's such a simple concept, but I really want to know what your favorite cup is!

 My favorite mug is actually brand-new!  I was using some pretty plain, boring ones before.  I won't even show those to you.  One of my students gave me this mug as an end-of-the-year gift last week and I've used it every day since!  {Confession: I dug it out of the dishwasher to take this picture}  The flip-flops and summery background make me think, "yes, life IS good."

 I like the back of the mug even better!  As much as I like the summery feel of the front, the quote on the back describes the rest of my year.  I truly love what I do.  Everyday.

Inside my cup, you will ONLY find Cafe Escapes: Cafe Mocha K-cups.  It's the only "coffee" I'll drink.  Yeah, it's not really even coffee.  But it sure is delicious!  Once in a while, some hot chocolate will make it's way in there.  If the weather is cold enough.  {it made it's way in there a LOT this past winter}.

So...what's your favorite mug??  I want to know!


  1. Love the quote on your mug! Flip flops are a favorite of mine so whenever I find cute items with them on it I feel the need to buy!

    Elementary Times

  2. Wonderful quote! (And I totally get the digging it out of the dishwasher thing...I had to find mine in a box because I'm packing for a move haha!)
    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  3. I live in my flip-flops! Such a cute mug! Noticed you have a Yorkie. I do too...she is something else. Everything seems to be on her time! :)
    The Techie Playground

  4. Great Mug :) my favorite one is this: http://www.mugs.coffee/coffee-mugs/self-stirring-star-wars-cool-coffee-mug/

    please keep up posting! <3


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