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A+ Images {Review}

As I was getting ready to head to Vegas, I wondered if other bloggers would recognize me.  My profile picture is not only 3 years old, but I'm also wearing sunglasses.  Sooo...no.  No one is going to know who I am.

A+ Images to the rescue!  They offered to send me a free custom t-shirt to help me proudly represent my blog.  I was able to create it to my liking on their custom design page.  How beautiful did it turn out??  
The colors are so crisp and clear.  The shirt is also super comfortable.  I may or may not have worn it twice {shh...don't tell!}.

While we were in Vegas, we hit up the A+ Images t-shirt booth.  They had this super cool prize wheel that we got to spin (and lots of awesome shirts)!
My roommate {The Takehome Teacher} won this shirt for me and I'm kinda in love with it.  Thanks Amanda!
If you are looking for something other than a custom or blog shirt, they have many teacher shirts to choose from.  This one is on my wish-list:
And, if you head over to Classroom Faces, you can check out these adorable shirts as well!  The students draw a picture of themselves and you turn it into a class t-shirt.  It's perfect for field trips!
Thanks A+ Images, I'll definitely be doing business again with you very soon!

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  1. Super cute shirts! From everyone's posts it sounds like Vegas was a blast!

    Life As I Know It


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