Currently {July}

Happy July!  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was buried under a couple feet of snow.  So thankful for the warm weather and sunshine!

And a new month can only mean one thing...time for a Currently from Farley!  I am loving the soccer theme this month!  The Women's World Cup is my all-time favorite thing to watch.  I am not a TV watcher, but I will skip social events to be home for the games.  Last night's game was the best so far and I can't wait until the final match on Sunday!

Listening: to a major thunderstorm happening outside my windows.  I LOVE summer thunderstorms (as long as I'm inside).  My new house has a lot of windows and skylights so it's pretty cool to see the lightning and listen to the heavy rain.

Loving: that baby girl is still asleep.  She had a busy day at the beach yesterday so she's just a tad tired.  I also think the dark skies are keeping her asleep.  I'm enjoying this quiet morning to myself!

Thinking: about both of my brothers who are traveling today.  One is coming to see me!  The other, unfortunately, is traveling to the other side of the country.  Probably not unfortunately for him, since he's headed to Hawaii!  He gets to work there for 6 weeks and I'm only slightly jealous...

Wanting: some new clothes for Vegas.  However, I don't like to shop for clothes.  A conundrum, I tell ya.  Maybe this rainy day will motivate me to head to the mall.

Needing: some light.  Actual light.  It's pretty dark in my house right now.  When you turn on our light, it beeps (no idea why).  This will cause the dog to wake up.  That will cause the baby to wake up.  I'm not turning on the light.

All*Star: Yep, I'm an organizer.  I've had colleagues offer to "hire" me to organize their classrooms.  I'll stick to my own!

What are you Currently up to?


  1. Sara,
    I need new clothes for Vegas, too. And I am a lot jealous of your brother who gets to work in Hawaii for six weeks! That sounds fabulous! Hopefully, I will see you in Vegas. Are you going to the Blogger Meet-up on Thursday?
    Right Down the Middle

    1. The Blogger Meet-up is on Wednesday, not Thursday. :)

  2. Summer thunderstorms are the best. Enjoy your time with your sleeping baby! I feel exactly the same about clothes shopping. I need new clothes but get frustrated shopping and trying stuff on. Good luck! Have an awesome time in Vegas!

  3. I have been LOVING all of the summer thunderstorms lately! They are seriously my favorite. AND a sleeping baby?! Dreams DO come true! ;)

    Primary Polka Dots

  4. I'm actually getting sick of all the rain and want some sun so I can lay out! I also put something about deciding on clothes for Vegas and being organized. :) Have fun with your brother!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  5. I do not blame you for keeping the light never, ever wake a sleeping baby if you can avoid it! :) We've been getting a lot of rain here too. In a way it's nice because I don't have to figure out how we'll cool off, but a little summer weather would be nice too...especially for this weekend! Fingers crossed :)
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  6. I broke down and bought some clothes for Vegas, but not dresses! I'm going to be rebellious and wear shorts and shirts while everyone else is in dresses. These thunderstorms have been nuts! We had them this morning, and more this evening! See you in Vegas!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  7. I love a good summer storm! At our house, all things go silent when the girl is asleep, and it is no joke to wake her up. At almost 3, goodness knows she needs the sleep (and I need the break)! Enjoy Vegas...I wish I was going, but I'll hold out hope for next year. :)

    Live, Laugh, Love Second

  8. Sounds like you're having a great summer Sara! I can't wait to read all about Vegas! About your weird beeping it connected to a ceiling fan? My parents have a remote controlled ceiling fan that will beep if you touch the switch on the wall....thought maybe this could help!


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