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Make-Over Madness: Detective Style

I am on a make-over roll, people!  My latest victim is The Detectives Book Club.  I created this item a few years ago when I resided in second grade.  I had a high group of readers that always went above and beyond what I asked.  I really wanted to challenge them, but reward them at the same time.

Thus, the Detectives Book Club was formed.  We were going to meet before school once a week to discuss a mystery that we were reading together.  We decided together on a Boxcar Children book.  I purchased magnifying glasses and detective hats from the Dollar Store to really set the stage.  Each student received their own detective badge, briefcase and notebook.

The students were required to read the assigned chapters at home (either independently or with a parent) and come ready to discuss the book.  We talked about suspects, clues and made predictions.  The students were SO engaged and we had amazing discussions!

Of course, the cover was updated first.

But, don't worry.  The inside received a make-over too!

Included in this set are bookmarks that the students can use to write down the page #'s that they need to read and when it needs to be completed.
The detective badges are my favorite!  You could use student names, classroom numbers or they can make up their own detective number.  It's up to you!
Students also get a "briefcase" to carry their Top Secret materials.  I used a manila envelope, but you could also use a folder or large ziploc bag.

In their detective notebooks, students have a suspects list, clues list and a glossary of important words.
My students LOVED being detectives.  They felt so important and worked so hard in our Detectives Book Club.  

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  1. Sara,

    This make-over is too cute! I LOVE the cover photo. Precious!

    Primary Polka Dots


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