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Every year, I look forward to setting up my classroom.  Starting fresh with clean floors and new bulletin boards just puts a smile on my face!

And then I actually get to my room.  Paper is falling off the walls.  Furniture is stacked in random places.  The desks are physically stuck to the floor.  Oh, and it's about 97 degrees in my room.  I have NO idea where to start.  I end up turning in circles for a few minutes and then leaving (which is totally not worth it, since I live about 45 mins from my school).
Then I had a lightbulb moment!  The planner in me decided to, what else? Plan!  I whipped out a graphing notebook and outlined my classroom.  I am a person who likes things to be exact, so my classroom map is drawn to scale.
I add in furniture so that I know exactly where I want things to go.
I even plan out what I want on each bulletin board.
This allows me to walk into my classroom with some direction.  Yes, I do change some things while I am there, but it's nice to have a plan to get me started.

If you don't feel like sketching out your whole room, there are a lot of online tools to help you, such as the Classroom Set-Up by Scholastic.  It will make going back to school that much easier for you!
I know that some of you are already back in the classroom, while others are itching to get into your rooms and meet your new kiddos.  I thought I would help a bit by jumpstarting your school year with a fun giveaway!

Have you met the Trashy Crafter yet??  If not, you definitely need to!  Okay, I haven't actually met her in real life but her story is pretty cool.  Kim takes discarded books and turns them into jewelry.  She has bracelets, earrings and even lanyards.  

Last year, I showed off my Where's Waldo? bracelets {read more here}.  I wear them to school all the time and get SO many compliments on them.  They are definitely a fun conversation starter!
This summer, Kim sent me some more fun stuff to share with you!  I seriously love this packaging, by the way.
Earrings!  I just had to get Where's Waldo? to match my bracelets.  These earrings are actually made from the cover of the book.
Kim is generous enough to send a pair of earrings to one lucky winner too!  Enter the Rafflecopter below to win not only recycled book cover earrings, but a digital copy of The Calendar Notebook and a $25 gift certificate to TpT!  Everything you need to be ready to rock this school year.

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