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Spirit Day Ideas

It's around that time of year when everyone needs a pick-me-up!  What better way to do it than with a Spirit Week at school?  My students get a kick out of this every year and we try to switch it up so that we have a variety of themes.

1. Crazy Sock Day
2. Dress Like a Book Character Day
This is a fun one for Reading Week!  Have students choose their favorite book character and dress just like that character.  As an added bonus, have students guess each other's outfits!

3. Career Day
Kids can dress up as the job they hope to have when they grow up.  They could be a teacher, a chef, an astronaut, the president!
4. Word on Your Shirt Day
Have kids pick their favorite shirt that has words on it.    This is another great one for Reading Week!  It could be a shirt from a place they visited on vacation or their favorite sports team or they could make their own!
5. Superhero Day
Students dress up as their favorite superhero!  Be sure to set ground rules when it comes to masks and accessories, however.
6. Twin Day
Have kids dress up like a friend!  Wear similar clothes, shoes and even do their hair in the same style.  Be sure to allow students to dress up as triplets or even quadruplets, so that no one feels left out.  Oftentimes, students will wear matching sports uniforms or just similar colors.
7. Crazy Hair Day
Kids get really creative with this one!  Have students style their hair in the silliest way they can.
8.  Hat Day
Now, kids can wear just a plain ole baseball cap (which many do).  OR they could go crazy and wear the wildest hat they can find!  I've seen sombreros, cowboy hats, and some kids even design their own hat for the occasion!
9. College Day
On College Day, students wear shirts or sweatshirts with a college or university name on it.  It could be a college that they hope to attend in the future or a school that a family member attends.  This could be a great conversation starter in the classroom as well!
10. Pajama Day
Students choose their favorite pair of PJs to wear to school!  I am always sure to remind students to wear a clean pair of pajamas and that shoes should be worn with them!

11. Hawaiian Day
The bright colors definitely perk up a dreary winter day!  Sunglasses, hawaiian shirts, leis make for a fun spirit day!
12. Sports Day
Have students wear the jersey of their favorite sports team or a team they play on.  

School spirit days can be so much fun!  We send home a flyer the week before so that families are made aware of the activities.  I also send home reminders the night before.  Click here for some reminder cards.

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