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A Place for Every Paper

Do you ever feel as though there are constantly papers piling up on your desk? And you just don't know what to do with them all?  Here are just a few tips to keep you (and your students) organized in the classroom!


Make sure that there is a place for every paper.  You need a place for everything that comes into the classroom and everything that goes out.  A separate place should be assigned for homework, parent notes, permission slips, etc.  I use plastic bins or baskets, like these.  I find that that bins that are large enough for papers are best!
All of these places should be clearly labeled so that you and your students know which papers belongs where.  This will make it easier for you in the long run.

The designated places should be located in a place that makes sense.  For example, homework bins should be placed near the door or student cubbies when they walk in each morning.  Graded papers that need to be passed back should go on letter trays near student mailboxes, so that they are easily filed.


After you have established a designated place for each paper, create a routine for students to follow.  They need to know that notes for the office should be placed in a bin near the door, not just dropped on your desk (where it could easily get lost!).  These routines need to be practiced over and over, until students place all papers where they belong.


Is there any way that you can simplify the amount of paperwork that goes in and out of your classroom?  Could you integrate technology?  Could you check for student understanding in an alternate way? Try them out!

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