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Host a birthday party for your kids based on their favorite books!  Here are some ideas for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Curious George and Star Wars!

So, I don't have birthday parties in my classroom.  But, my blog is all about reading and my daughter has become quite the avid reader at home (and her little brother has followed suit).  So much so that she has requested to have her last few birthday parties based on her favorite books.
Students are great readers at skill, but what happens when they go home?  Teaching them to read at home is such an important skill!  This is a great lesson to guide students on how to read outside of school.

In school, we all have a fairly structured reading time.  A time when students know when they should be reading, what they should be reading and where they should be reading.

But, what happens when they get home?  That structure isn't always there.  Students may struggle with how to read a book at home.  It's important to guide students and explicitly teach how they should be reading once they leave the school building.
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