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I began using Take Home Book Bags in my classroom 10 years ago.  It was a game-changer for my students and their families!  Since then, I have blogged a ton about Take Home Book Bags and I have finally decided to get all of those posts in one central location for you!  Keep reading for a brief overview of each post and links to get more information about that aspect of book bags.
STEAM Take Home Book Bags are a uniquely creative way for students to bring literacy and engineering home to share with their families.  It incorporates reading, writing, math, science, technology, engineering and art!

I was chatting with my Facebook Group and I was curious which Take Home Book Bags they would be interested in seeing next.  The response was overwhelming - STEAM! They were looking for a way to incorporate a STEM challenge into the book bags that their students were bringing home to share with their families. {Learn more about Take Home Book Bags here}
Why aren't students reading at home every night?  How can I help them?  This post delves into both questions and how we can turn our students into better readers!
Every night, we are asking our students to read at home.  As teachers, we want our students to be better readers!  But sometimes, this just doesn't happen.  Why aren't our students reading at home?  How can we help them?  Read on!
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